a00c952f7e9134e2052b42283a02a430Rolex is a favorite brand for watches fans, and because of this, there emerged a large number of replica Rolex on the market, some imitations in appearance even reach the level of the real ones. So how do we identify the authenticity of a Rolex watch? This needs us pay attention to some identification methods. In the follows we will introduce some methods for you to identify the replica rolex watches.


Identify method one: Rolex is a luxury watch brand made in Switzerland, its design and production always maintain the traditional style. Because famous brand watch use the advanced equipment and high quality materials during its manufacturing, the watches reached the processing precision and high finish degree. Real Rolex watches have perfect hand feeling no matter in terms of its workmanship or writing, and this is one important way for you to identify your Rolex watches.


Identify method two: there are some Rolex watches with real watch case and strap but rolex replica submariner movement, so you’d better use the special tool to open the Rolex watch. For the real Rolex watch movement, after opening the automatic pilot, you will find the “Rolex” engraved on the movement plywood, and also the movement numbers such as the 1570, 2135, 3135,3035 and so on, but there have not on the fake Rolex watches. And the real watch movement features fine parts and clear lines, the fake ones are rough with dark color.


Identify method three: Remove the strap, there is the Rolex watch factory type batch number in the middle of the watch ear of the watch case, and below side of the watch case is the Rolex watch number. Rolex watches have the guarantee of quality, and on the top right corner there are more than two lines of the Arab word numbers with pinhole deficit, neat and clear. But the fake Rolex watch there is only one line pinhole deficit.